Sure, yes...the structural stuff is important and how wonderful it can be to go from an old cracked plain concrete patio slab or an uneven weed and dust covered area to maybe a new coloured concrete patio slab or a shiny new sealed exposed driveway...but...
When you go from brown soil to lush thick green instant lawn and gardens planted out with the most beautiful, hopeful little plants bursting with colour and flowers surrounded by dark brown, termite and weed repelling, life preserving mulch...well...it just doesn't get any better than that.
A complimentary planting consultation is offered with every project commissioned.
We can plant out to suit your style, requirements and property conditions.
You might chose a theme - cottage, contemporary, native, tropical or perhaps formal.  Maybe you would consider a feature tree, water feature, lighting or statue. 
We take care of it all.
We can supply and install all turf varieties available to Sth East Qld and also frequently install artificial turf.  Sir Walter is the most expensive - Winter Green is our lowest costing turf.
The most common varieties we install are Sapphire, Empire, Winter Green and Sir Walter.
Winter Green
Great in shade
Tolerates full sun
Soft buffalo
Low maintenance
Good year round colour
Fine leaf - olive colour
Budget friendly
Minor thatch build up
Drought tolerant
A little care goes along way
Sir Walter
Hard wearing
Low maintenance
Fine to medium blades
Soft to walk and play on
Reasonable shade tolderance
Great in shade
Great in full sun
Soft buffalo
Low maintenance
Good year round colour