All of our work is contracted in accordance with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, regardless of the value.
Paperwork is an important part of protecting all parties and
helps reduce misunderstandings.  We will provide the
contracts completed and based on the accepted quotes. 
We encourage you to seek legal advice before signing any
contract.  There is a 5 day cooling off period that is
activated once you have received your two hard copies
(or one email copy) of the live contract. 
We will communicate with you throughout the service
provision period via personal on-site meetings, phone calls,
texts and emails. 
Variations, if requested or required, are discussed on site or
if that is not possible, via phone calls.  A formal variation
document is then sent through to you for signing. 
In some cases, the variation is urgent and approved verbally. 
In this instance, work on this addition will commence immediately.  Variations are therefore
not subject to the 5 day cooling off period.  The additional amount will then be broken down and added to upcoming progressive payments.  If there are no more payments due, the additional charge will be due as invoiced.
Your contract will specify the payment schedule.  We usually ask for up to 5 payments to be paid over the course of the service provision depending on the amount of time  we expect to be on site.
If your contract total is over $20 000, your payment schedule will often start with a 5% deposit, 3 x 30% payments and a 5% final payment.
If your contract total is under $20 000, your payment schedule will often start with a 10% deposit, 2 x 30% payments, a 25% payment and a 5 % final payment.
Our terms and conditions are available for your information on this website... All quotes and therefore contracts are provided subject to these terms and conditions and these are subject to change at any time, without notice.
When you accept a quote, we then draw up a contract.  Depending on the total value, it will be one of the following contracts below that we will complete and send to you for authorisation.  For your information, we have linked the 3 contracts we use here...