Terms and Conditions – Standard - unless otherwise specified:

        The Landscaping Company - TLC and or TLC means its staff and or commissioned contractors retained by

        The Landscaping Company - TLC as required.

  1. All quotations are valid for acceptance for thirty (30) days.

  2. This quote does not include excavation into subterranean rock and the necessity to excavate in such conditions may alter charges quoted above.

  3. The Landscaping Company - TLC warranty the workmanship of the installation, not the product provided by other suppliers.  All defective products to be claimed against available manufacturers warranties by the customer.

  4. Special note regarding concrete, concrete products and sealants:suppliers of these products and                The Landscaping Company - TLC do not guarantee against any undesirable finishes including but not limited to: discolouration, star fractures, cracking, chipping out of expansion joints during or after being cut or crazing.  Whilst all care is taken by The Landscaping Company - TLC during laying, the product supplied and climate variations can cause discolouration, cracking and crazing therefore these effects should be expected as possible.  The Landscaping Company - TLC is not liable to correct these effects.  Corrective options may be available however these methods of correction will be offered as a quote and subject to additional payments.  In instances where finishes do show these results, payment is required as per contract schedule regardless of concrete finishes.

  5. Customer accepts high pressure/acid wash cleaning can expose rock in concrete.                                The Landscaping Company - TLC  will clean concrete for sealing as per quotes and or contracts however only one clean is included.  Repeated cleans are additional.  Spot cleaning may result in uneven exposure of rock in concrete. The Landscaping Company - TLC are not liable to correct this unevenness.

  6. Prices are subject to market increases and/or errors.

  7. All adherence to covenants, restrictions, regulations and other criteria including the obtaining of certifications, relaxations, engineering requirements and all other inspections, permits and approvals required on site to complete the works quoted herein or required to complete additional services later quoted and attached to this work, are the responsibility of the customer or owner of the property to know are required, to seek and pay for and to present to The Landscaping Company - TLC if The Landscaping Company - TLC are to be expected to work within those limitations.  Presentation of these documents after quoting may alter the quote details and or price to ensure works are provided as legally required. The Landscaping Company - TLC  therefore are not bound by the quote or signed contract in this instance.

  8. All walls are built with 150mm x 400mm concrete footings, 100mm socked agpipe and 20mm drainage gravel filled in behind wall x 200mm thick x the height of the wall less 200mmm at the top.

  9. All care will be taken but no responsibility accepted for damage caused to but not limited to: overhead lines, underground pipes, water mains etc. concrete driveways or pathways eg by machinery etc.

  10. Repairs to damaged lines is the responsibility of the customer/owner.

  11. All workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months or as per statutory warranties.

  12. 20% of total (if total under $3300) 10% of total (if total under $20 000) or 5% of total (if total over $20 000) is to be paid at time of acceptance of quote to ensure booking of service.  Progressive payments will be listed on the QBCC contract provided to you by Day 1 of landscaping.  Day 1 payment will be required for work to commence.  Cancellation of service to be provided to The Landscaping Company - TLC in writing one week before landscaping team has been scheduled to commence - contracts are considered live once the cooling off period has passed and also when purchases are made towards the contracted work.   An administration charge of $100 is payable in this instance of cancellation without any ordering or other expenses being expended for contracted works..        The Landscaping Company - TLC will invoice any costs incurred to the client as a result of cancelling any products ordered if applicable.  Total settlement of payment is to be made on the final day of service, determined by The Landscaping Company - TLC, unless otherwise agreed.

  13. Payments must be cleared into The Landscaping Company - TLC nominated account by agreed scheduled day to avoid delays in work schedule.

  14. Defect works, if noted during construction, that customer wishes to have rectified are to be made known to  The Landscaping Company - TLC as they occur to ensure effective rectification.  A list of defects customer wishes to have rectified must be given to The Landscaping Company - TLC in writing within 24 hours of final invoice being submitted.  A defect rectification plan may be provided to customer for approval before rectifications are made.  Service will be completed and final payment due once rectifications have been made as per plan.

  15. Variations are payable on the day the variation is approved by the customer.All variations will be quoted on site if possible and customer must sign to verify acceptance of variation before service will be provided.          The Landscaping Company - TLC do not accept delays in payments for variations or negotiate prices once quotes have been accepted.  Variations, requested by either The Landscaping Company - TLC or the customer, may result in an alteration to the completion date of contracted landscaping works.  Non-payment of these variations may result in disruptions to landscaping works.

  16. The Landscaping Company - TLC signage will be placed on customer property in a prominent position as determined by The Landscaping Company - TLC once quote has been accepted to inform others of impending works.  Signage to remain in place for a minimum of 2 months after works completed and to be removed by The Landscaping Company - TLC only.Displaying signage is a QBCC requirement.

  17. Until payment in full is made on completion of service, all alterations and supplies provided by                   The Landscaping Company - TLC remain its property to be redeemed or altered at its discretion without written or verbal notification. The Landscaping Company - TLC retains the right to site access whilst monies are outstanding.  Acceptance of this quote verifies the acceptance of this term and all others specified here.

  18. Commencement and completion dates are subject to weather conditions and other unforeseen delays as per QBCC contract terms.Your understanding in these instances is appreciated.

  19. Customer acceptance of these terms and conditions is implied by acceptance of this quote – acceptance of this quote verifies your acceptance that these terms and conditions will be added to the contract terms and conditions and that you agree to be legally bound by them.