Gardening is not simple.
Any gardener will tell you.
It is a real science and the type and condition of your soil and mulch can be the difference between your plants living and dying.  Likewise regular watering and feeding your plant is important.
Gorgeous lawns and gardens don't just happen.  There are many factors that you need to consider when planning your gardens.
The Landscaping Company - TLC will help you decide on plant varieties.  Once these are sorted, we will then know the type of soil and mulch best suited to your new plants.
There are several different types of soils from premium organic down to a budget soil that is really only good as a filler or as a base to add to.
We use 'clean fill' to back fill walls and to level out areas.  We do not use this for gardens or in preparation for turf.
We generally quote to supply and use Hoop pine mulch.  It is one of
the most expensive mulches but it lasts many years and we think it is
great value for money all things considered.
The fine mix is suitable for more level gardens while the course mulch
has twisted pieces which interlock causing the mulch to stay in place
on sloped and windswept areas.
It is recommended to install mulches at 30mm - 100mm thick. 
This mulch is dark brown and has a pleasant scent. It helps preserve water and resist weeds.
Tea Tree mulch is another good one that we use - it has a rich, dark
brown colour, pleasant scent and is a natural termite resistor.  It also
contains nutrients plants need, inhibits weed growth and is good in
windswept areas.  We find it is often more orange in colour and its'
scent can be overpowering when freshly installed.