The Landscaping Company - TLC provide all external services you require.  You don't need to get separate quotes on the concrete for your patio from one company and the patio from another as we price and provide it all. 


We understand it's hard to even get one quote in the first place let alone try to coordinate different trades to work together.  Using one company also eliminates the blame game headache we often see on sites when things need fixing.  Tradies often blame other contractors when it comes to rectification works and delays can take months, even years...if the issues are resolved at all.  With The Landscaping Company - TLC, if there is a problem, you see one person...your on site landscaper. 


Many projects require permits, engineering, certifications and building approvals with various Councils.  The Landscaping Company - TLC can take care of arranging these services on your behalf.  Over the years we have formed a great list of engineers and certifiers that we recommend and use - companies that offer great rates and fast turn arounds to ensure your project is not delayed.





The Landscaping Company - TLC are licensed for all of the expected services like retaining, fencing, concreting and excavating but we can also help with the following services:


  • Water tank supply and install;

  • Water feature construction or renovation;

  • Garden renovation or creation;

  • Free plant consultation for our customers;

  • Drainage rectifications;

  • Laying of all types of pathways including cobble, flagstone, crazy;

  • Installation of letterboxes and clothes lines;

  • Supply and installation of playground equipment;

  • Supply and laying of all types of turf;

  • Putting greens, cricket pitches and trampoline installations;

  • Irrigation design and installation;

  • Automated gates - pedestrian and driveway;

  • Entry arbours, gazebos and huts;

  • Vegetable plot planning and installation;

  • Dog and cat run construction;

  • Painting fences, walls and lattice work;

  • Enclosing in of patio areas;

  • Outdoor kitchens;

  • Lighting design and installation;

  • Rubbish and waste removal;

  • Tree lopping and pruning;

  •  All garden edging...and more!