Timber retaining walls are great value for money, costing less than other options in the beginning and lasting approximately 15-20 years.    Our walls come standard with bidum, 100mm agpipe and 20mm drainage gravel.  We concrete our posts in ground and use galvanised batten screws throughout.
Concrete sleeper walls are more expensive than timber walls but they are also expected to last longer - around 30-50 years.  They come in a range of colours, textures and patterns.  There is also a choice of post types.
Click here to see our suppliers range of sleepers.
Sandstone rock walls are strong and beautiful.  We can offer 3 grades of rock from our supplier at Helidon.  
  •    A grade sandstone 
  •    B grade sandstone
  •    C grade sandstone
 Sprayed concrete  retaining walls are not often done but on some properties where there is next to nil access and the surrounding areas are starting to crumble, this can be a house saver.
  •    Coloured concrete
  •    Spray colour
Garden stack block walls
There are many suppliers of garden blocks - here are a few brochure links of blocks that we work with often...
Adbri Retaining Wall range
Boral - Hadrian Wall Curved
Boral - Hadrian Wall Straight
Austral Masonry - GB Range
Grey block walls now come in a variety of colours, textures and sizes.   They are at the top end of retaining wall prices and are often used in front fences with pillars and fence panels.  Blocks are corefilled with concrete and steel and can be left grey, painted, rendered or have cladding attached for a stacked stone look.  There are other options too for block walls such as hebel and key locking blocks not requiring corefill to name a few.  While these blocks are quicker to install they can be up to 5 times the price per block to buy initially so often these are used by DIY installers rather than landscapers.