What makes you different from the rest?

At  The Landscaping Company - TLC we believe we are different in many ways.  The first is, to us, a no brainer...we answer the phone! In the event that we do miss you, we call you straight back.  We reinvest into our company to ensure that we are able to have full time office staff dedicated to answering your calls and replying to your emails.  We often hear comments like

'Oh thank goodness, you answered the phone - no one else does' and 'we had a landscaper booked but he's not returning our calls and he was due to start yesterday'. 

At  The Landscaping Company - TLC this won't happen to you.




Why should I trust you?

The Landscaping Company - TLC (formerly known as CPM Landscaping) has been in operation now for 16 years.  We think that's a decent amount of time to be in the same industry, making it through a few recessions and massive industry changes.  Over these many years, we have evolved into a streamlined business that knows what we offer and where our strengths lie as well as how to identify, monitor and improve our weaknesses. 

We never think we have finished learning and improving and we never assume that we've seen it all.  No two properties are the same and no two clients are the same.  Every project is customised to suit our client, their budget and their wants. 


We don't talk contracts until every aspect of our quote is

clear and precise and our clients are ready to move through

to the contract phase. 


Our industry and community awards show that we are integrated in our community and that we have a reputation worth preserving.  We plan on being here for many more years yet - stronger and better than ever.

You didn't answer the question I had - what do I do now?

The Landscaping Company - TLC can be

contacted at any time...

click on the red button to be taken

to our Contact page...

We encourage you to contact us and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.