Concrete is long lasting, strong and comes in many colours and finishes. 


The standard thickness of the concrete that we lay is 100mm.  When laying slabs for sheds and patios etc, often a footing around the perimetre or piers are required to further strengthen the slab considering the expected additional weight of a roofed structure or if the slab is being laid on fill. 


We always lay our slabs with steel reinforcing mesh at the base which we tie onto concreting chairs.  The mesh thickness depends on the purpose of the slab. 


Existing driveway or slab?  No problem.  It can be cut up and removed  making way for a fresh new start or if your slab is in good condition structurally, we are able to clean it and polish or spray it making it look like new again.


The basic is plain concrete - grey.  The colour of the cement and pebble are standard.  This is the base price concrete.  We use plain concrete in the base slabs for paving, tiling and sheds but it is also commonly used for patios, driveways and pathways.  Plain concrete can be left as is or it can be polished, stenciled or sealed with clear or tinted sealant.


Oxide can be added to plain concrete which gives you coloured concrete - this is a popular option as the concrete is then coloured all the way through.  In the event that the concrete is ever chipped, it wouldn't stand out.

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You might like an exposed aggregate meaning that the pebble in the concrete is slightly exposed. When laying new slabs, you are able to chose the pebble that is mixed into your slab - and even change the colour of the concrete it is mixed into.  You can also choose to expose plain concrete for a very additional small charge.

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Another concrete treatment you could consider is polishing - either a new slab or an existing.  If your slab is existing and has cracks, we can fill those with a colour filler and then polish the concrete which cuts a fine layer off the top of the slab, exposing the pebble mixed in the concrete.  This leave a smooth, slip resistant finish with a high shine.

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Stencilled finishes are always popular.  There are a range of colours and patterns to choose from.  The stencil is laid on cleaned concrete and the colour is sprayed over the top.  The stencil is then removed exposing a new patterned finish.  Some clients prefer to use just a border pattern or no pattern at all - this leaves a completely coloured finish.  The product used for this finish can be applied to existing broom finish or smooth finished slab, exposed and even bitumen and adds just a few millimetres to finished heights so door clearances and weep holes etc are not affected.

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